HRA Mini-Course Modules
November 9, 2023
(registration closes on October 19)

HRA Mini-Course Overview

This course will on November 9, 2023, one day prior to the IANS Scientific Meeting in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The course will be divided into modules appropriate to different levels of practice. Participants will select which module(s) they would like to participate in. 

Module A is primarily designed for participants who have not yet set up their HRA practice; they have taken the IANS virtual HRA course or similar, but have not done a hands-on component. The module will focus on how to set up your practice, how to perform an HRA, and will have a hands-on component to practice using a colposcope, anoscope and biopsy tools. 

Module B is designed for participants who have completed up to 50 HRAs in practice. The module will focus on improving HRA including how to maximize visualization of the anal canal, improving recognition of HSIL, improving assessment of the perianus, documenting and auditing your practice, and treatment/management strategies. There will be a hands-on component to learn ablative anal procedures.

Module C is designed for participants who have completed at least 100 HRAs in practice. The module will focus on difficult cases, multizonal disease, pathology interpretation and correlation, and case-based discussions. For experienced HRA providers that have not performed ablative treatment, a hands-on practicum will be available. Each participant has the opportunity to bring in a recorded HRA or ablation procedure, for individualized feedback by course faculty.

Mini-Course Registration Fee

  • Module A - $285.00 USD*
  • Module B - $285.00 USD*
  • Module C - $285.00 USD*
  • Module A & B - $495 USD*
  • Module B & C - $495.00 USD*

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Module A

Module A: Setting up your HRA practice and hands-on tutorial

10am – 12pm - Lecture

  • Equipment, supplies, medicines 
  • Setting up your HRA procedure room
  • Involving pathology in your HRA service
  • Review of HRA procedure 
  • Documentation 
  • New referrals: screening indications and algorithm for referrals 
12pm - 1pm Lunch with Faculty

1pm – 3pm Hands-on tutorial 

  • Documentation
  • Colposcope focusing and ablation
  • Biopsying and ablation
  • DARE and Cytology using a model
  • Computer-based lesion recognition module 

3pm - 4pm Flexible Hands-on and Faculty Guidance (Optional)

Module B

Module B: Enhancing your HRA practice and hands-on treatment tutorial

8am - 10am - Lecture

  • Maximizing HSIL pick-up 
  • Warning signs of cancer
  • Treatment options and management strategies 
  • Auditing your practice
  • Communication – STI's, sexuality, gaining trust

10am - 12pm Hands-on tutorial

  • Ablation
  • Recognizing lesions
  • Case-based discussions

12pm - 1pm Lunch with Faculty

3pm - 4pm Flexible Hands-on and Faculty Guidance (Optional)

Module C

Module C: Advanced HRA discussion including case-based workshops and individualized review of HRA videos

12pm - 1pm Lunch with Faculty

1pm - 4pm Lecture

  • Challenges for advanced HRA practitioner
    Extensive/recurrent disease 
    Cancer development
    Multizonal disease
  • Advanced Clinicoplathologic Correlation: How to improve your specimens
  • Case-based discussions 
    Extensive/recurrent disease
    Management strategies/Multizonal
    Management post-cancer

4:10pm - 5pm Hands-on 

  • Anal lesion excision
  • Video review
  • Ablation tutorial
  • Local anesthetic insertion

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