Invited Speaker

Karen-Lise Garm Spindler, MD, Phd., DMSc 
Professor, Consultant GI Oncologist
Aarhus University Hospital Denmark


Karen-Lise Garm Spindler received her Medical Degree from Aarhus University, Denmark and later the PhD degree from University of Southern Denmark on the PhD Thesis “The Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor in Colorectal Cancer” and the DMSc degree from Aarhus University, DK, with the Doctoral Thesis “Clinical utility of tumor specific mutations and circulating nucleic acids in plasma from patients with metastatic colorectal cancer”. She trained as specialist oncologist at Vejle Hospital, DK and St. James Institute of Oncology, Leeds UK. Dr. Spindler has held a position as consultant oncologist at Department of Oncology Aarhus University Hospital since 2013, responsible for treatment, research and development in lower gastrointestinal cancer. As professor in Clinical Oncology she holds responsibility for improving precision therapy in Gastrointestinal cancer, and has built a research environment for lower gastrointestinal cancer, including a series of investigator initiated clinical studies, PhD studies and projects. She teaches pre-clinical as well as specialist and PhD training lectures and courses at national and international levels.

Professor Spindler has held positions as member of the Danish Colorectal Cancer Group main board, and chair the DCCG Radiotherapy board and the multidiciplinary Danish Anal Cancer Group, DACG ( As member of several Nordic research groups and the EORTC rectal-anal cancer track she is involved in international collaboration on research and development in lower gastrointestinal cancer. She has participated in the work of scientific committees for e.g. ESMO annual meeting GI colorectal cancer and The European Multidiciplinary Conference on Colorectal Cancer, The EMCCC. Since 2021 she is chair of the Danish Cancer Society Scientific Board, and is a member of the Society’s Institutional Review Board, and serve multiple other European societies and institutes in assessments and reviews.

Professor Spindler’s research areas comprises clinical and translational studies in gastrointestinal cancers in both medical and radiation oncology, and a special focus on the clinical implementation of liquid biopsies. Professor Spindler is co-founder and vice chair of the main board of the Danish Comprehensive Cancer Center National research center for circulating tumor DNA analysis since 2019. She has participated in establishing a European collaboration on ctDNA analysis in colorectal cancer.Professor Spindler recently developed a national research strategy for anal cancer treatment, with the perspective of forming a scientific platform to build on for further international networks and conducting of prospective clinical trials. She hosted the first worldwide International Conference on Squamous Cell Carcinomas of the Anus in 2020, (IMACC) and work for further development of the anal cancer research, including the IMACC together with the EORTC, IRCI, ESTRO and the Nordic Anal Cancer Network. 

Professor Spindler’s research group in anal cancer span from preclinical work to clinical trials and data-capture studies.

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