Translating Knowledge to Action – Making anal cancer history

Global conference on anal cancer and other anal HPV-associated conditions

See you in San Juan, Puerto Rico

In-Person Event


The 2023 in-person event will showcase invited presentations, abstracts, small group sessions and a lively scientific interchange on anal HPV infection, anal squamous intraepithelial lesions and anal cancer.

Who attends the IANS Scientific Meeting?

Scientists, researchers, physicians and advanced practice clinicians who are involved in anal HPV-associated and related diseases.  This meeting highlights cutting edge research and clinical care for populations most impacted by HPV including MSM, men and women with HIV disease and women with HPV related disease. Attendees will include professionals from multiple fields, including molecular biology, epidemiology, pathology and direct clinical care providers such as family practice, internal medicine and infectious disease, gastroenterology, general surgery, colorectal surgery and gynecology.

Educational Learning objectives

  • Determining populations at-risk for anal HSIL and cancer, and optimal strategies for screening.
  • Updates and new developments in molecular biology and pathogenesis of anal HPV, HSIL and cancer.
  • Strategies for and new developments in treatment of anal HSIL and cancer.
  • Improving the infra-structure and knowledge base for HRA providers. Understanding the limitations of different health care systems in providing HRA.
  • Understanding the optimal use of the HPV vaccine for prevention of anal canal disease; discussing the potential for off-label use in preventing development and recurrence of HPV-associated anal canal disease in at-risk populations.

The International Anal Neoplasia Society

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